Tractor Stirrer / Mixer
Prevent sedimentation forming at the bottom of the tank as well as distributing evenly the nutrients in the slurry.
The main advantage it offers is its agile handling and robustness. It is available in two lengths; 5.5 and 7.5 metres, with which we can cover practically all tank sizes and wall types, vertical as well as sloped.
The shape of the angle of the mixer blades enables them to apply great force on the slurry, even if it contains high quantities of straw.
Optionally, we can attach the circular-shaped cutter, which facilitates the breakage of large crusts and speeds up the flow of the slurry.
The submerged part is without bearings and has a friction shell made from the latest generation corrosion resistant material, thereby extending its working life.
Manufactured on a reinforced chassis and totally galvanised by heat immersion which guarantees its maximum duration.
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