Yes! The reuse of the solid fraction of the slurry generated by the farm itself to make the bed in the cubicles or heated bed is already a reality. This system saves a lot of money in the purchase of products such as: sand, straw, calcium carbonate...

First, we will separate the slurry with the BENFORT equipment, since these allow us to obtain around 30/35% dry matter in the solid fraction. This solid fraction is already physically suitable for use in the stables, either with prior sanitation (recommended: see next section) or without it.

For the use of liquid manure with or without sterilization, we need a solid fraction with a maximum of dry matter. BENFORT equipments succeed in doing up to 35% with a minimal consumption.
Sterilization slurry solid fraction
Purin solid fraction higenization system. Our R + D + I team has developed and patented a process that for 0.011 € cow and week we can make the bed of the cubicles
The harrow is used to air and fluff the product placed on the bed of the cow's stall. This harrow is ideal due to its design for any type of stall, due to its versatile spikes in terms of positions and heights that allow us to reach all corners of the sta
WHAT IS IT FOR? To carry out the conditioning of the stall, due to its design it is ideal to load the solid fraction directly from the sanitizers and make its distribution.