The harrow is used to air and fluff the product placed on the bed of the cow's stall. This harrow is ideal due to its design for any type of stall, due to its versatile spikes in terms of positions and heights that allow us to reach all corners of the stalls.
It is ideal for daily use, in this way we encourage it to continue its process of sanitizing the life of the bacteria and to carry out its work of colonization.
By stirring the product daily, the comfort of the animals is superior as it is not spongy and lumpy and the cow remains lying down longer.
Its daily use gives us a better quality of life for the cow thanks to its comfort.
It has great versatility. It is able to adapt to any stall thanks to its width and height adjustments.
It allows you to work on both sides: left and right.
It has bolted couplings in order to work independently in telescopic or tractor with only one model we can work with the machine that interests us most.
It includes 14 adjustable tines placed every 10 cm and these are replaceable, so if we spend more on one side than the other we replace them and still have new equipment.
It has three independent height adjustments of the tines, based on the stall: 9.5 cm - 13.5 cm - 17.5 cm, so we can reach all points of the bed.