Slurry evaporation tunnel.

The solution to the slurry, only with solar radiation

It consists in evaporating the clarified fraction from the pig or cattle slurry concentrating to 90 % of the nitrogen in the solid fraction resulting 10 % of the initial volume.

Validated system in the BAT.

The system can be combined with other treatments to make the distribution of nutrients more efficient (flocculation, NDN sludge…).

  • By concentrating and not destroying the nutrients, it is useful for newly built farms.
  • Nutrients can be used in our land and the same kg of nitrogen can be distributed in less of the 50 % of the travels.
  • By evaporating but keeping the nutrients in the solid fraction, it has a high agronomic value.
  • Odours are avoided during the delivery, since the fraction resulting with more of the 50 % (between 50 and 80) of dry matter no longer smells.
  • The solid is considered a compost, so that it is easy to sell.
  • Emissions of ammonia to the air are reduced more than 90 % by acidification.
  • The output of the air in the tunnel passes through a bio-filter that prevents GHG effect emissions.
  • The treatment cost is very low, since the work is done by the solar radiation.
  • The emissions of nitrogen by infiltration into the soil are the same that a compost. Studies carried out show that practically do not pollute the water table.