The valorization of the manure nutrients is the objective of all the sectors involved in the breeding of pigs and cattle.

As everyone knows, the problem is that the nutrients contained in the slurry are very diluted in M3 of water and it is expensive to transport.

By being able to inject the liquid into sprinkler or drip irrigation systems, these transportation costs disappear and we can value the nutrients that the slurry has.

Agronomically, another important factor is that we can apply these nutrients when the crop needs them throughout its entire cycle, not like up to now when we apply them when we can enter our fields with the tanks.

By being able to inject drip irrigation, we minimize greenhouse gas emissions and avoid odors at the time of application.

The design of this equipment has been possible thanks to the LIFE ARIMEDA project where we have irrigated by sprinkler and dripper for three years, achieving the objective of not clogging the systems.