Due to its characteristics, it can operate connected to a hydraulic power plant
with electric motor or to any machine (tractor, manitou… ) with
hydraulic socket. This allows operational safety.     
Possibility of placing a mast on the pond wall, so that when working
horizontally equal the performances of the electrical with the advantage of being
able to place them on different points.          
By not being attached with a mast to a tractor or machine, we avoid possible
accidents such as falling into the pond because thanks to its hoses,
in case of an accident, it would not drag the tractor
into the pond. 
We can work with the agitator until the pond is emptied, it can be placed at the bottom and if it works dry it has no problems. Its easy installation allows installing the agitator in different designs and sizes of ponds.         
With a single equipment we can shake different ponds and inner channels.
In case of low electrical power on farms it is the
safest solution.
Since it is always immersed in manure and is not in contact with
air, its duration is longer than an outdoor one.
Thanks to its helical propeller we that prevent ropes, plastics, etc. 
from entangling in the axis.   
It is safe to work on biogas as there is no ignition source in
the explosive area.    
With a single hydraulic power plant, we can operate different agitators.