Taking into account that major part of liquid manure is water and that our objective is to carry to distant zones a minimum of it, filtering is a good option. As the attached study indicates, (UNIVIC study), we can filter up to 250 micras and we can reduce the nutrients of the entire filtrated fraction, especially the Nitrogen up to 25/35%. The solid fraction is thick and mixed again with liquid manure. With those equipments we can raised from 2 to 4% the dry matter included into porcine manure (mother/fatten) up to 11% as the ramp allows it. It stills remains being a thick liquid to be carried in barrels.
In the porcine area, these equipments are used to increase the nutrients % in the liquid manure that we carry further so we save the costs of transport and in the bovine area they are used to filter the liquid of the milking area in order to reuse the water for the cleaning.