Charging tubes are each time more important inside a farm structure for different reasons:
Cleanliness: charging from the bottom of the reservoir or tank we succeed in living almost no residue, while the stirrer generates stainless currents that cannot be sent back.
Security: charging tubes have an atomisation system offering the tranquillity not to see them emptying by themselves.
Savings: volumetric controls represent a great saving. Thus, for a farm of approximately 5000 heads intended to be fatten, we calculate we will obtain some 450 barrels of liquid manure per year, and with an average of 1m3 per barrel, we are talking about 450 m3, that is minus 22 trips of barrels, which pays the first year equipment off.
Value creation: thanks to conductivity, we know the Kg of Nitrogen included in each barrel, main value of the liquid manure, and that is why we can use indicated doses for each space of land with no risk of obtaining crops with a nutrient deficiency or burned because of an excess of those nutrients.