Airesa slurry trays are placed under the grilles in all the production phases on the farm.The slurry can be emptied weekly. Combined with the ventilation system, the welfare of the animals and the environment is improved.

By emptying the slurry more frequently, innumerable advantages are obtained, such as for example:
  • Healthier air and increased livestock performance.
  • Fewer problems evacuating solids, which are increasingly dense.
  • Any slurry treatment applied will be more effective and less costly.
  • Reduction in atmospheric emissions.
  • By separating solids and liquids, storage space is reduced by 15-25% (5-10% more than in a farm without trays); this is the space occupied by the solid fraction.
  • The air chamber created between the ground and the bottom of the trays becomes a temperature regulator space. With its suitable ventilation system, the sows breathe fresher air, which directly affects an increase in productivity.
Slurry trays combined with air entry systems
It allows us a frequent emptying, complying with the regulations of emissions to the atmosphere