Biogas Talk

Find out all about rural biogas plants and how to comply with Best Available Techniques (BAT) in energy recovery! Join Mikel, head of the Department of Biology, and Ramon Gea in this unmissable video. Don't miss it!

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Flexible tanks

Efficiency that takes care of the environment! Discover our flexible tanks to store slurry. A practical and sustainable solution for responsible waste management.

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Annual sales meeting at Mecàniques Segalés.

Last Tuesday the 10th and Wednesday the 11th of October we held the annual sales meeting at Mecàniques Segalés. With presentations on our current and new products, studies from the University of Vic and presentations from Cita Aragón.

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SUCKER: hog slurry vacuum

It vacuums under pig slats. New concept of portion farm, always clean, without accumulation of slurry. We improve the welfare of livestock and keepers. We avoid odors and improve the social perception of farms.

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SCAR cow separator

SCAR cow separator, fully automated, to get the maximum dry matter with minimum wear. Ideal for reuse of dry matter for cow bedding +40% DM

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LIFE ARIMEDA LIFE16 / ENV / ES / 000400 Reduction of ammonia emission through innovative fertigation techniques with slurry

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