Sepor Lorca Fair 2023


Last week we presented at the Sepor Lorca fair a series of products related to the most common activity in the Murcia area. From the SLATS agitator to the vibrating filter, all the products on display make the most of the geographical characteristics and solve the most frequent problems of the Murcia region.
SLATS agitator: allows you to keep the solid and liquid section of the slurry together for easier emptying.
COMPACK 1/05: our special separator for slurry with less than 8% dry matter.
EVAPORATION TUNNEL: Take advantage of the heat and hours of sunshine in the area to evaporate the acidified slurry and maintain 100% of the nutrients in the farm's slurry in 20% of the total volume of the slurry.
VIBRATING FILTER: Perfect for separating slurry up to 80 microns and injecting the resulting liquid for fertigation in drip irrigation systems.