Environment, research, training and product evaluation
With the protection of the environment in mind, the objective of enabling livestock farms to comply with current legislation and, moreover, yield by-products of maximum value, at Mecàniques Segalés, we have specialised in the manufacture of machinery for the treatment and processing of slurry.
We design diverse equipment to cover the various sectors and characteristics of each type of slurry, from the most simple machines to completely automatic systems.
We constantly evaluate the needs of the sector, innovating solutions in order to achieve maximum performance, operational safety, and profitability.
To achieve these objectives we count on: our own manufacturing and engineering team, 50 years of industry experience in the market, a team committed to improvement, support from various universities, collaborating engineers and the invaluable assistance and information given to us by our clients.
This catalogue is just a small sample of our present reality, but with our eye on the future.