• Methanogenic digestion at temperatures ≤ 20ºC (psychrophilic microorganisms), for reduced thermal needs (MINIMUM OR NONE HEATING) and adequate thermal insulation.
  • Transformation of slurry tanks into methanogenic bioreactors with simple technology and robust systems (high HRT; HRT ≥ 50 days)
  • Biogas warehouse adapted to the needs. DIGESTOR COVER: Minimization of emissions into the atmosphere (CH4, NH4 +, N2O, H2S, ...)
  • Own energy production of the substrates used (slurry). Fresh pig slurry (Example: maternity slurry with productivities close to 400 NL of biogas / kg of volatile solids)
  • Generally high biogas quality. Normally 70-75% CH4 or higher
  • BAT application. Sustainable development on the farm
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