Pit slurry mixer SI95X

  • Adjustableheight. Solid slurry is not always at the same height, and not all the pits are the same size; thus, a winch brake is included, making work more practical and safer.
  • Openfastpropeller. The engine’s power is transmitted with maximum efficacy to the Openfast arms. Due to the tilt degree, size and shape of the arms, maximum efficiency is obtained.
  • LateralProtection. The axis and propeller protection system makes the mixing easier and safer by avoiding knocks to the base and sides.
  • ErgonomicDue to its wheel system and dimensions, it is easily moved around the farm, even over uneven ground.
  • Waterinjection. When the solid layer does not contain enough water to be mixed, the SX has a direct water injection system to the propeller in order to obtain maximum performance.
  • Multi-directional. The slinger system mixes in five different fixed positions or it can be moved with complete freedom both horizontally and laterally.

Mixer without opening slats for porcine and bovine

Pit slurry mixer SI95

Designed to mix pig slurry channels, without opening slats.Totally manufactured using stainless steel. By its design, it is easier to transport, and to have access to difficult areas.

Pit slurry mixer KI125X (cattle)

Designed to mix cattle slurry channels without opening slat floors, making pits easier to empty.