Mixers, No Grate Lifting, for Bovine and Porcine

As it revolves the slurry passes through the blades of the mixer via an opening in the slats. With this system we can mix with the animals inside their stalls, according to the regulations, country and animal type. We have a variety of equipment available to obtain the maximum efficiency.
Pit slurry mixer SI95

Designed to mix pig slurry channels, without opening slats.Totally manufactured using stainless steel. By its design, it is easier to transport, and to have access to difficult areas.

Pit slurry mixer SI95X

Designed to mix pig slurry channels without lifting the floor slats. Facilitates the emptying of the manure. Includes folding and tilting propeller system. Anchoring system can be set to various degrees for better mixing.

Pit slurry mixer KI125X (cattle)

Designed to mix cattle slurry channels without opening slat floors, making pits easier to empty.