The Solution for the Evacuation of Slurry
When the percentage of solid fraction is high or very high, the only solution for evacuating the slurry from the grates is a horizontal mixer.

Mecaniques Segalés has created the FER mixer. This mixer can be moved around the farm and placed in the most problematic points to mix the solid and liquid.
With the Con FER mixer, we can count on the advantageous ability to inject water directly onto the blades and so make their work more effective.
This mixer can be used in vertical-walled tanks by incorporating a platform for support.
Pit slurry mixer FER LG

Submersible mixer designed to mix slurry in small and medium- sized pits of heights from 50cm to 4 meters.

Mixers for FER PS Tanks

Adaptable to any type of slat floor thanks to its extendible arms.