Separators for Slurry and Digestate

Designed to get the most profit of the two fractions once separated. sieve up to 250 microns, maximum concentration of solids cost m3 from € 0.014 m3


The N-DN plants transform Ammonium into Nitrogen gas N2, with a consumption of 14 kW we transform 50 to 70% of the Nitrogen from the slurry liquid fraction. As a consequence, we reduce the necessary land between 50 and 70%

Irrigation dripping liquid fraction slurry

We use the liquid fraction of the slurry after separating at 80 microns. Avoiding emissions and smells at the time of application and we can give you the economic value it has as a fertilizer


Evaporation of slurry, controlling gas emissions, we managed to reduce the volume by up to 90% ideal for new farms with lack of land for their manure plan


In order to avoid greenhouse gas emissions, mainly ammonia and volatile organic compounds, we acidify the slurry, thereby fixing the ammonia nitrogen and thus partially avoid its volatility.

Solid manure reuse for cow bedding

The solid part of the liquid manure is more and more used to build cow’s beds. Here you will find studies, equipments and using systems.

Tractor mixer

Useful to agitate tanks or installations with no electric connections, with protection to avoid breakages.

Electrics agitators

Mixing solution to keep nutrients slurries homogeneous and uniformly suspended to avoid sludge.


Specially designed to solve solids accumulation problems in the outdoor and indoor ponds of pig and beef farms as well as biogas plants.

Inner agitation

Thinners and blenders, without lifting the grate we can homogenise and evacuate easily.


In many cases or because the % of solids is low or because we do not need to squeeze the solids with ramps, we separate up to 300 micras with practically no energy consumption.

Slurry Trays

AIRESA system increases production. Slurry can be emptied weekly and combined with the ventilation system direct to the sow’s mouth.

Slurry Treatments

It is reduced or concentrated some of them like nitrogen and phosphorous by designed plants.


To cover all types of casuistry, continuous flow, separation system into inputs flow and a mixer system to mixing both.

Liquid Filtrations

Without any additive is possible to separate up to 100 microns by high performance.

Charging tubes of liquid manure and control m3 and Nitrogen

We save in transport costs and control the N of any and we can fertilize with no excess or deficiency of N-P.

Psychrophilic Biogas

It is a new concept of Biogas plant, due to its low cost is ideal for pig and beef farms. It allows us to take advantage of their energy and avoid emission problems. With this plant we do not have to cover the farm's storage tanks to avoid emissions to th

Liquid filtration roughing

Central of biogas plants liquids and solids get inside the system and equipment can be damaged.Following equip avoid the problems.


The easier way for slurry to be transported is by pumping, slurry can be transported through long distances.

Recovery of Food By-Products

Our equipment are designed to recover the content inside the glass bottles, Tetrabriks ©, pet bottle, yogurt, etc...

Meat industry slaughterhouse

Separators Systems designed to recover intestinal content, solid-liquid from animal reception rooms, etc...


Our equipment is ideal for the paper, fruit industry or for all those who need to separate suspended solids or squeeze solids to reduce the % of moisture.