At a world’s level we know a raise of dairy farms reusing the solid fraction of liquid manure produced by the farm itself to build the bed. This system allows saving lots of money on the purchase of products such as: sand, mulch, calcic carbonate etc. that we traditionally use. So, by not adding external products we reduce the quantity of liquid manure and even if it seems strange in terms of hygiene we also have a peace of mind for not adding any product potentially contaminated.

We separate first the liquid manure with BENFORT equipments so we obtain a solid fraction with a 30/35 of dry matter that we can then use by two ways, with or without sterilization.
Then we add to it a study of the solid fraction’s treatment where we can see the liquid manure’s composition once separated and the results of our system of fast composting.
BeddingResearch..pdf  ESTUDIOCAMADEVACAS2018 .pdf 
For the use of liquid manure with or without sterilization, we need a solid fraction with a maximum of dry matter. BENFORT equipments succeed in doing up to 35% with a minimal consumption.
Express sterilization
Purin solid fraction higenization system. Our R + D + I team has developed and patented a process that for 0.14 € m3 reduces us 100 times the levels of bacteria, ask us the study.
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