Composting and disinfection tunnels of the solid fraction.
The compact equipment for every 100 cows occupies 24 m2 and a minimum of approximately 1KW consumption per m3 of composting.

We encourage you to join the discussion group we created on our LINKED IN page, "SOLUTIONS FOR TREATMENT OF PURINES"

Visit of a potencial farmer of Japan

We are visited by Mr. Satoshi HAYASHI, owner of one of the most important farms in Japan with 12,000 mothers in closed cycle.

Calculate the most profitable equipment or treatment for your exploitation
Nº animals:
Sows closed cycle
Sows with piglets until weaning
Sows with piglets up to 20 kg
Replacement sows
Piglets from 6 to 20 kg
Pigs from 20 to 50 kg
Pigs from 50 to 100Kg
Fattering from 20 to 100 kg
Beef (number of milking cows)
Biogas (m3 / year)
Ducks (m3 / year)
Do you need nutrient reduction or concentration?
Limiting Kg nitrogen per hectare
Phosphorus limiting (%)
Available Hectares
Liquid fraction utilization
Use of solid fraction

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